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Indoor Accommodations

Indoor, climate-controlled kennel accommodations afford privacy for all of our guests, whether they are sleeping, eating or napping. And soft music is played during the evenings to provide a cozy environment.
Indoor sleeping quarters have a "state-of-the -art" air filtration system with ultraviolet, anti-virus scrubbers. This protects your pet by providing fresh and sanitary air flow. During bedtime hours, on-site supervision by our team members guarantee your pets comfort and security.

​​​The moment your dog enters our facility it is monitored with the aid of our computer network system. We track Play styles, medications, personal belongings, eating habits, health records and even play pals. And with each additional boarding or day care visit, we continue to update your dog's pet notes. Having a complete and detailed history of your pup provides us with insight into future stays; thereby always setting your dog up for seamless and transparent visits. Our attention to detail provides you with peace of mind and assurance that your best friend is being properly cared for while you're away.

Outdoor Play Areas

Club K9 is 20 acre resort features 15 large and expansive play yards specifically designed for your dogs fun and enjoyment.
Your dog will take great pleasure and enjoy the plush feeling it provides; all to encourage either fun and active play or leisurely sunbathing or napping.

All outdoor play areas are covered in "K9" grass which provides a soft and luxurious surface for your dogs comfort. Additionally, "K9" grass incorporates antimicrobial technology to provide a clean and sanitary play surface for your dogs well-being.

If you have questions about our dog boarding services, call our facility near San Ramon, CA at

(855) 364-3293 or (855) DOG-DAZE.